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Admire Me (Rough Edges #2)

Admire Me (Rough Edges #2)

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Note: This is an interconnected small town steamy firefighter series that can be read in any order.

He finally found “the one” but now she has no memory of him.

Liam Jackson, a Grapevine firefighter, has always longed for his happily ever after. He dreams of becoming a father, but all the women he dates want nothing serious.

Until he meets chemistry teacher Harper Davis. She's relocated to Texas following her parents' deaths and is trying to settle in to her new surroundings.

When Liam and Harper meet, their connection is instantaneous, but their idyllic life together suddenly shatters when an attack leaves her in a coma. Harper awakens with no memory of her parents' passing, moving to Texas, or meeting Liam.

Liam’s determination to rebuild their relationship is like no other, and the doctors say her memories should come back. But what if they don’t?

Will Harper fall in love with him all over again, or will he lose the love of his life?


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