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Cherish Me (Rough Edges #3)

Cherish Me (Rough Edges #3)

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Note: This is an interconnected small town steamy firefighter series that can be read in any order.

Eight years is a long time, but some feelings never fade…

When former foster kid and perpetual misfit Hazel Grey left Grapevine to follow her dream of studying Law at Harvard, it felt like the right thing to do. Even though it meant turning down the proposal of the only guy she ever loved.

Aiden Jackson has never forgotten the only girl that took him seriously instead of just treating him like a dumb jock, the one who stayed by his side the night his mother died to help him through his grief.

Now it's eight years later and not a single day has gone by where they haven't thought of one another. When Hazel comes back to town, the chemistry between them burns as bright as ever, but will that be enough or will old hurts from the past be too much for even love to overcome?


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