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Defying Love Paperback

Defying Love Paperback

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I moved to Las Vegas on hopes and dreams of dancing, but instead I landed in a crappy studio and just got fired. Willow's card twisted between my fingers with an offer to work at one of the most exclusive strip clubs in the city.

I’m trying to keep myself clear of men until I lock eyes with Dominic Gambino who’s wrapped in sin, dressed to perfection, with a cocky attitude. One night changed everything. A man pulled me to my knees and before I could move the man was dead.


I killed a man right in front of her, so I couldn't let her go. Not that I even wanted to in the first place. The first time she sauntered into my club, she’s been mine. She just didn’t know it. Now there are two options: marry her or kill her.

I needed a wife, one I could train to be the perfect mafia queen. And for her, she’d be debt free and living with me. To marry Alexa also puts her at risk yet I can’t get enough of her. These men I eliminated tonight have families that will seek revenge, but I will protect Alexa at all costs.

She’s MINE!

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