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Dote Me (Rough Edges #8)

Dote Me (Rough Edges #8)

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Note: This is an interconnected small town steamy firefighter series that can be read in any order.

A weekend. A former Flame. A wedding.

Adrian Locke panics when his sister invites him to her wedding. The smoke is closing in on him, but he used to put out fires with his day job. He’s desperate to find a plus one, fast. He can’t let her know that the girlfriend he has been talking about isn’t real. They would find out he’s still miserable and alone. He might be a billionaire, but money isn’t everything.

His plan: fake it! He’ll find a pretend girlfriend.

Single mom and firefighter, Blair Young, is struggling to make ends meet. When her former high school fling turned Billionaire ex asks her to be his pretend plus one, it solved all her problems. She’ll have enough money to pay the rent and she gets a free trip to Hawaii.

It’s almost the perfect solution until Blair and Adrian talk about the past. Second chances never come easy. No one wants a second break-up.

When the weekend ends, Adrian can’t let Blair walk away again. He has to prove the fire in his heart has always burned for her, otherwise, she’ll be gone forever.

Can they pull off the lie, or will it all come crashing down around them?

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