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Down Fall

Down Fall

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After all this time, you’re still my downfall…

Jace Atkins, former NFL player, returns to Maple Hills High to accept the head football coach position after an injury cost him his career. At the first practice, his eyes land on none other than Samantha Ortega, the girl he had a crush on most of his childhood, but her focus on getting into a good college and getting the hell out of Maple Hills kept her from noticing him.

Samantha Ortega can’t believe her eyes when they land on Jace Atkins. She tried so hard to get out of Maple Hills, but fate had other plans and instead she turned down her Harvard scholarship and stayed in Maple Hills to raise her son.

Jace knows that getting involved with the relatives of his players is against the rules, but he can’t help himself.
Sometimes rules are meant to be broken, right?


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