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Eligible Bachelor Series Book Box

Eligible Bachelor Series Book Box

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This book box includes Up in Flames, Now In Session, and In the Clouds but lots of swag!


Up in Flames

She wishes her taste in men didn’t match her coffee. Strong, steamy, and complicated.

Adonis Pierce loves his apple pie from the small town diner in Grapevine, but he isn’t happy when Raven ends up stealing the last slice leaving him high and dry. He raises hell and she calls him a pretentious prick.

First come. First Serve. Those are the rules.

Raven Hansley could care less about Adonis and his “better than everyone” attitude just because he looks amazing in a firefighter uniform. He’s a grump with a mile wide ego who obviously has some issues. When her brother approaches her with an invitation to a get-together promising an Eligible Bachelor, Adonis shows up and all hell breaks loose.

What is worse than spending an evening having to play nice with a guy that you can’t stand?

In the Clouds

Sam didn’t intend to be living with three males…but what can she do?

A procedural hiccup on Sam’s first day at the flight academy lands her sharing a dorm with three guys.

One man in particular seems to be immune to her charms.

Misunderstood bad boy Alyx thinks Sam is the enemy. The intruder. Encroaching on his territory. Messing up his carefully organized, controlled, and stable routine.

Will her efforts to win Alyx over work?

Now in Session

What happens when you meet a man written straight out of a kinky romance novel but he ends up being your boss?

Zane Donnelly should come with a warning sign. Too handsome for real life. All about feelings and talking things out. Pretty much every girl’s dream.

Day one of Willow working for him she finds out her boss has the jaw of an expert sculptor.

Cue the stormy glares, tension quicker than quicksand and dumpster fires.

His sister is getting married and even with his good looks, Zane hasn’t been able to secure a date. Without a plus one, his family will only make the night about him still being single instead of focusing on the bride. So, he makes Willow an offer she can’t refuse.
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