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High Octane

High Octane

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He makes her heart race…

Alex, the owner of High Octane, is a jacked up personal trainer whose shorts cling to his muscular body and leave nothing to the imagination. He’s got a quick wit and award winning smile. His brand manager is pushing him to beef up his social media following to bring in more endorsements.

Callie is a mechanic, but also a part-time yoga instructor. The Asana Peace and Serenity Studio is right across the street from High Octane. She runs into him one morning, stealing the last shot of barley grass, and tells him off. He finds a way to raise her pulse - but she doesn’t let it get to her. Or at least that’s what she tells herself.

When her Paleo food subscription is ready she gets a text to pick it up at none other than High Octane.

Sparks fly as these ultra-competitive health nuts want nothing to do with each other. Yet they can’t keep their eyes to themselves.

Will Callie be able to help him blow off some steam or Will Alex realize no amount of followers comes close to having Callie close?

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