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Mega Book Bundle: 13 Ebooks

Mega Book Bundle: 13 Ebooks

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This mega ebook bundle gives you 13 of Ashley's Zakrzewski's most read books. 

A Rocky Christmas - Fake Dating at Christmas

The Billionaire's Secret - Billionaire/He falls first/ Marriage of Convenience

Make Me Yours - Blue Collar vs Ivy League

The Roommate Agreement - Bad Boy vs the Princess in one apartment

The Roommate Dilemma - former military coming home vs single mom

Smooth Moves. - Mafia

Someone Like Lorenzo - Celebrity Chef meets Girl Next Door

Dibs on the Mechanic - Blue Collar vs Single Mom plus faking dating for Christmas

The Man Next Door - Billionaire/workplace

Dating the Boss Billionaire/workplace

High Octane - Gym romance

Extraction - Mafia

The Comeback - Recovering addict and second chance

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