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Possess Me (Rough Edges #10)

Possess Me (Rough Edges #10)

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Note: This is an interconnected small town steamy firefighter series that can be read in any order.

Sometimes your past has to come to light before you can move on to your future.

Stefan Navaldi is trying to live his best life in New York City for Christmas, but one phone call from Amanda disrupts it all. He travels back to Grapevine, Texas to be with the Wilson's in their time of need, but things are bigger than they seem.

Amanda has never gotten over Stefan. He is the guy that got away, and she's tried to move on, but no other guy compares. She knows he isn't back forever, and nothing good can come from her telling him how she feels, but she might not have to...

Once Stefan finds a letter, everything is brought to light.

Will a small town Christmas be exactly what Stefan needs or will he go back to New York City like nothing ever happened?

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