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Rockstar Unplugged Hardback: Foiled & Sprayed Edges - Preorder

Rockstar Unplugged Hardback: Foiled & Sprayed Edges - Preorder

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The only thing Rafael loves more than his music is her…

After spending six years on the road, women flock to him after every show, but he craves real connection. During a concert, he locks eyes with the one and only Leah Harper.

The one that got away.

Leah has always held onto their past, wishing for him to come back and sweep her off her feet. Instead of waiting around any longer, she takes matters into her own hands…

Between the scandals and paparazzi, their second chance won’t come easy and they fight to overcome every obstacle standing in their way. But will they be able to withstand their second chance?


This HARDBACK Special Edition exclusive is a must-have for any book collector and will BEAUTIFUL on your bookshelf.

  • Special Features:
  • Foiled
  • Gorgeous teal sprayed edges

This edition will be received by the author in June/July and will ship out immediately after. It might come in early, and if so, SURPRISE you will get it EARLY.

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