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Rough Edges Series Bundle

Rough Edges Series Bundle

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Are you looking for a collection with a variety of romance tropes that will keep you begging for more? This bundle set includes the ALL TEN books from the small town series: Rough Edges. This small town steamy firefighter romance series follows the men and women of the fire department.

Adore Me
Widower with a big heart pushed together by tragedy but end up right where they are meant to be...

Admire Me
She loses her memory after a break-in and he has to make her fall in love with him again while trying to find her attacker.

Cherish Me
Eight years is a long time, but some feelings never fade.

Treasure Me
After putting his father in a facility due to his progressing Alzheimer's, he gets close with his caregiver...

Savor Me
After a ten-year relationship gone wrong, Vanessa is trying to find herself again, but instead finds herself intrigued by her daughter's softball coach.

Ravish Me
An English Professor and a non-traditional student have a one night stand over the summer, but what happens when she walks into his lecture hall?

Love Me
Her brother's best friend is off-limits, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him.

Dote Me
A single mother agrees to go on a fake date with an ex-boyfriend.

Worship Me
A successful female lawyer and a devilishly handsome Pediatrician star in the second chance Christmas romance.

Possess Me
A successful writer comes back to his small town for Christmas and runs into the girl that got away.


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