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Savor Me (Rough Edges #5)

Savor Me (Rough Edges #5)

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Note: This is an interconnected small town steamy firefighter series that can be read in any order.

The last thing Vanessa needs or wants is to settle down.

Straight out of a ten-year relationship, Vanessa tries to get used to being by herself again. It’s difficult with an eight-year-old in tow asking all kinds of questions. Her fears about being able to provide for her daughter on her own scare her, but she’s determined to make it happen without having to ask for his help.

Firefighter Brodie Hill has volunteered to be the new softball coach for the Grapevine Musketeers, and when he runs into Vanessa, the attitude problem of hers only makes him intrigued. No one is this bitter without a reason.

After his assistant gets hurt, Vanessa gets volunteered to help by her daughter forcing them into a partnership.

Will they slowly tear down each other’s walls or will Vanessa’s reluctance to settle down throw a curveball in their love story?

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