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The Billionaire's Club Collection Ships in June/July

The Billionaire's Club Collection Ships in June/July

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This collections includes the following THREE inside the collection for your reading pleasure.

My Bossy Billionaire

Who knew that getting on that elevator today and dropping her cup of coffee all over her future grumpy boss would change her whole life?

Lily Stevens needs a new job pronto to pay off her college debt that just keeps getting higher because of interest. This job pays almost twice what her current one does and could put her ahead. Unfortunately, showing up early for this interview with a giant coffee might cost her the job.

Adler Maddox, known for being an arrogant billionaire grump, gets stuck with Lily when the elevator halts to stop, after sending her coffee all over his brand new suit.

The problem: this isn’t the first time they have run into each other, and won’t be the last.

The Billionaire Bachelor

Sexy as sin, broody and mysterious, Dawson Carter is the ultimate bachelor.

For the last twenty years, Dawson has guarded the gate to his heart, not letting anyone in. He broke the number one rule of friendship, falling for his best friend in high school.

Maci is the kind of woman that holds her own - and then some but when Dawson is around, she acts like a teenager again.

When the two go back to their hometown of Grapevine, Texas for their twenty-year high school reunion things get hot.

Will Maci speak her truth or will Dawson be forced to move on?

Caught by the Billionaire

What would you do if a super handsome billionaire asked you for a date?

Chloe agreed to the arrangement. One night. No expectations. The problem is Hendrix is her best friend who is dominant, bossy and hotter than hell. Once his luscious lips hit hers, it’s like everything inside her telling to run goes away.

Hendrix has always wondered what Chloe would taste like, but he has never had the balls to cross that line. See the problem is, she’s perfect. Sexy and trash talks him without even batting an eye. A feisty woman who speaks her mind is just what he is looking for.

Now he can’t stop thinking about her…

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