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The Billionaire's Secret (Alternate Cover)

The Billionaire's Secret (Alternate Cover)

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A Billionaire Bachelor finds out he has a five-year-old son while attempting to take down the Russian organization responsible for his father’s death. 

Desmond Renault’s lifestyle is one of money and power, but when he finds out he’s a father, he shifts lanes. His work with the FBI can have dangerous implications for his son.

Kimberly Bennett, a gorgeous and whip-smart CEO, is his son’s legal guardian and aunt. She doesn’t think that Desmond can be a good father to William. Something about him rubs her the wrong way…

Can Desmond get justice for his father or will secrets come to light that destroy both Desmond and Kimberly’s entire world?

 Warning: There is an overall mystery throughout the novel on both sides of the main character’s pasts. There is not a cliffhanger and it is all wrapped up by the end.

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