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The Roommate Agreement

The Roommate Agreement

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The princess, the bad boy and one apartment.

When Jessica Cavanaugh flees the life of luxury in Redwood Heights she never expected to run into him in New York City. Funds are low and the best place close to her assistant job is a low budget apartment but he wants it as well.

Colby Collins, charming and impossibly attract in a dark and broody way, disappeared without a trace from Redwood Heights. Being the former misunderstood bad boy, a sexier version of James Dean wasn’t getting him anywhere so he left to find a better life. Escape the chains only to find her trying to claim the apartment in New York.

When their realtors show them the same apartment, it’s like a low budget romcom. Neither expect to run into the former resident of Redwood Heights, not after all they did to escape.

Only one problem, their banks account are running dry and to secure the apartment they must acquire a roommate. Living with someone you know is far better than a total stranger.

Can Jessica Cavanaugh and Colby Collins live together? The trust fund baby and the weirdo with a criminal past...

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