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Dating The Boss

Dating The Boss

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This is a billionaire, opposites attract, he falls first romance.


Sometimes the key to your heart is given to the person you would least expect.

Ella has been burned by love once before and believes there are no good men left in New York City. When a stranger knocks her down on the way to work, almost making her late, her life begins to take a turn she never expected.

For most of his life, Alexander has guarded his heart. After all, being a billionaire and owner of multiple businesses brings its own problems. His company is thriving more now than ever, and he doesn’t have time for distractions. Until he runs into her.

Best known for his title as Sexiest CEO under 40, his world consists of galas and charity events, whereas hers are bubble baths and an occasional glass of wine. Not everyone is comfortable in the spotlight. Especially when they find out he’s the boss.

Can Ella bust out of her shell and become the partner Alexander deserves? Or will Alexander give up everything to be with the woman he loves?


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