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Someone Like Lorenzo

Someone Like Lorenzo

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This is a celebrity chef meets girl next door, enemies to lovers, forced proximity romance.


He's had every extravagance, she's never left her simple small town. Can two opposites find common ground?

Between working at the bakery and taking care of her grandmother, local good Samaritan Allison McCory has no time for herself. And being known as the woman willing to help anyone has bitten her on the ass more than once.

Celebrity chef Lorenzo Morrati is about to lose it all. Not only is his wife pregnant with another man's child and divorcing him, but if anyone believes the false allegations she's making, the network will drop his long-running cooking show. Escaping London and the tabloids for a tiny ocean side Irish town seems like the perfect way to ride out this storm.

But a new location doesn't make his problems go away. When Allison finds her handsome new neighbor on the edge of the jagged cliffs, drunk and ranting about giving him up, she's compelled to help him. What starts as a rescue mission slowly takes a turn. Lorenzo is hell on smoldering wheels, but it's his playful smile that undoes the normally reserved Allison, and for the first time in a long time, she lets herself feel passion/hope.

Will Lorenzo and Allison bring each other back to life? Or will secrets destroy them both?

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