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The Man Next Door

The Man Next Door

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This is an ex-military, millionaire CEO, enemies to lovers, workplace romance.

Who could have known the best way to meet a man is to nut check him and then apply to be his assistant?

Hudson Finnegan’s a veteran, who started his security company after being honorably discharged. Each scar on his body tells a story, and his walls are thicker than the bars at Alcatraz.

The last person he expects to show up for an interview is Laurel, the woman who assaulted him last night. He doesn’t want to hire her, but his mother makes it impossible to say no.

Laurel’s mission, if she chooses to accept it, is to get under Hudson's skin. It's time for his impenetrable walls to come crashing down.

Could she execute the mission flawlessly or wind up getting too close?

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