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Booked In Amesbury

Booked In Amesbury

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This Christmas Blair is coming to town, and her old high-school sweetheart is hanging up the mistletoe. Or is he?

A quiet holiday in New York City is the expectation for Blair, but her agent has different plans. Instead, she gets sent home to Amesbury, Montana for a release event at a local bookstore. She has reservations about stepping foot back in that town after fifteen years, but if Blair wants to get another book deal, she needs to prove her worth. Even if it’s the day before Christmas Eve.

Cole and his brother are struggling to keep Caffeinated Bliss afloat since their mother’s passing, and if something doesn’t happen soon, their doors will close before Valentine’s day. So, when they receive a call that an author wants to hold an event at their store, it restores hope.

Will Blair and Cole put their history aside or will being ghosted for fifteen years ruin the holiday?

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