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The Perfect Sale

The Perfect Sale

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One summer might change their whole lives…

Adrianna is a successful Real Estate agent in New York City, but she heads down to the Hamptons for the summer to sell some luxurious properties. If she can sell two properties, she can finally pay off her parents house and her own.

Castile, a billionaire tech mogul, is down for the summer after a stressful year, and looks forward to meeting new people without their knowledge of his wealth or status.

When the two meet at a beach party and he asks her out, Adrianna is reluctant to say yes, but her best friend talks her into taking a chance on love.

When Adrianna finds out who Castiel truly is, does she let her love life and career intersect in an unexpected way?

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This comes out in July 2024 - if you order this it will ship out after release.

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