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This is a former military, mafia, enemies to lovers, kidnapping romance.


Bentley Cooper is good at what he does. Finding terrorists and criminals is his specialty.

Coming back from multiple deployments, the decision not to reenlist and instead focus on self-contracting makes sense. Things get complicated when he accepts a mission to retrieve Kira, a relative of a Russian Mob Boss.

Nikolai Petrov is bad news in any country, but Russia wants him extradited but can't locate him. He has ties to a multitude of illegal activities. Finding Kira might just lead him to Nikolai, and if he can capture him, then the reward would be substantial. The only person who might identify where he is, is Kira, and now she’s missing.

Will he be able to find her and get a lead on Nikolai, or will this mission cause him to lose his family and his life?


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